Christina Perri – Lovestrong (2011)

Halfway through Christina Perri’s debut album “Lovestrong,” it occurred to me that, while the music is strong and melodic there was something precluding me from truly enjoying it. At first I thought it may be the forced, often strained lyrics, which strive for bluntness but instead just sound awkward, but it eventually occurred to me that I was having an adverse reaction to Perri herself. It’s not that the performer is untalented, it’s that I found her self-conscious candor and self-righteousness off-putting, which obscured the strengths of the music itself. “Lovestrong” is the rare type of album that would sound much better in the hands of a different performer, even if it isn’t bad or even subpar.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

You can watch the video for “Jar of Hearts” here:

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