The Mummy (2017)

The alleged reboot of Universal’s “The Mummy” is a remake in name only: Other than the title, nothing else has to do with the original film. Instead, we’re treated to a tiresome, repetitive Tom Cruise vehicle that seems to have been made primarily as a vanity project for the superstar, audience interest or enjoyment be damned. Cruise’s performance is overbearing from the very first frame to the last, and he’s essentially playing Tom Cruise Action Star as opposed to a character: There’s nothing he can’t figure out, no battle he can’t walk away from, no other person he can’t charm, for no reason other than the script says so. With his co-stars neutered by his flagrantly megalomaniac performance (not to mention a ludicrous romance with a woman clearly two decades younger than him), there’s nothing for the audience to do except wait for the preposterous running time to run out so they can go back home and do something constructive. Sofia Boutella manages to infuse the movie with brief shots of life here and there, demonstrating real charisma and menace in the title role, but her inexplicably limited screen time doesn’t allow her to completely rescue the movie from Cruise’s off-putting vanity.

Rating: ★ (out of 5)

You can watch the trailer here:


  1. This surprised me I was sure ut would be good. I was so looking forward to seeing this. As always there are so many vastly differing opinions on it. Ha x

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