Mylene Farmer – Interstellaires (2015)

The French superstar’s tenth studio album is perfectly fine as it is, but it’s disappointing considering what she can do and has done before. Specifically, this latest album recalls her 1995 masterpiece “Anamorphosee” but for all the wrong reasons: While it brings back the guitars and soft rock sound that re-invented her career with the aforementioned album, this new one immediately sounds dated. Not to mention the fact that only three or four of the overall album’s songs are great instead of merely good or okay, in particular “City of Love” and the lead single “Stolen Car,” a bilingual duet with Sting that makes you wish there was more like it on the album. There’s no reason to abandon Farmer after a relatively weak album, but let’s hope her next effort is stronger.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

You can watch the trailer for “Stolen Car” here:



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