Björk – Homogenic (1997)

The Icelandic artist’s third solo studio album represented a vivid, surprisingly potent shift: Gone was the playful, electric sound that had defined her first two albums, replaced by a somber gloominess that occasionally threatens to engulf the entire album’s sound. However, in Björk’s extraordinarily capable hands, the album comes together thanks to its lyrical and tonal consistency, reflecting upon a difficult breakup with sorrow, anger, and, sometimes, ebullient joy, capturing the oft-confusing and disorienting emotional outpouring that follows an unexpected breakup. It’s quite an album and there’s nothing else like it even twenty years later, and although Björk continues to experiment with her sound, she has yet to recapture the grandiose pomposity and absolutely brilliance of this loud, potent record.

Rating: ★★★★★ (out of 5)

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