Roseanne (Season 7) (1994)

This later season of the then-revolutionary show begins its unfortunate, precipitous decline from the top-notch quality that had mostly come before. It’s obvious that Roseanne’s capriciousness and growing obnoxiousness bled into the finished product, resulting in many episodes that are often downright unwatchable thanks to her unreasonable and off-putting arrogance. The rest of the cast ends up playing second fiddle to a variety of Roseanne’s antics, and it’s a welcome reprieve by the second half of the season that Roseanne herself was occasionally absent due to a late pregnancy. Nevertheless, the supporting characters and their individual stories progress along nicely, enough to keep longtime viewers hanging on despite the aforementioned issues with its lead star and namesake.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

You can watch the intro here:

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