Jobriath – Jobriath (1973)

Known as one of the first openly gay musicians to be signed to a major label (not to mention one of the first public figures to die of AIDS), Jobriath is a sort of sacred bible among glam rock fans and rock historians. A mixture of David Bowie’s glam rock and Elton John’s operatic pop opera, this album sounds unmistakably like a lost Bowie record: Jobriath possessed Bowie’s ability to morph his voice from track to track without sacrificing sonic unity, while the music itself is a form of controlled chaos. There are great songs like “Be Still” (my absolute favorite glam-rock song) and “Take Me I’m Yours,” but it’s on songs like “Blow Away” and “I’m a Man” that Jobriath’s razor-sharp edge is most evident.

Rating: ★★★★★ (out of 5)

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