Loretta Lynn – Full Circle (2016)

It’s remarkable that, five decades into what was once an improbable music career, the wonderful Loretta Lynn is still a fascinating figure in music. Here, on her fortieth (!) studio album, she returns to her own vault of classics as well as standard cover fare (like “Secret Love”), where the album’s title makes complete sense: Returning to her early songs so late in her career allows the audience to hear just how clear and powerful her voice remains, while the same wit and charming turns of phrase long associated to her have remained intact as well. Lynn comes across as a charming, humble performer delighting in the opportunity to revisit the discography that has led her to this moment, and it’s a thrill to hear her sing her old classics “In the Pines” and “Fist City,” among many others.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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