Coal Miner’s Daughter (1980)

Based on Loretta Lynn’s autobiography and adapted with the greatest care and attention to detail by director Michael Apted, “Coal Miner’s Daughter” is surely one of the best film versions of a public performer’s rise to stardom. Sissy Spacek is pitch-perfect as Lynn, expertly capturing Lynn’s distinctive speech patterns and doing her own impressive singing – it’s the kind of performance that doesn’t come along often, registering as electrifyingly genuine in every single frame. Beverly D’Angelo is stunning as Patsy Cline, doing her own singing as well and matching Cline’s pitch and emotional delivery perfectly.

Rating: ★★★★★ (out of 5)


      1. Ha! I didn’t know that, but I’m not surprised at all. She’s great. Maybe it runs in the family. Sissy’s real life cousin, Rip Torn, is supposed to sing (country songs) in Payday (1972), but I haven’t seen the movie. Have you? Anyhow, in a documentary — I think the DVD has it — Loretta Lynn tells a funny story. She said that her daughter told her, “mom, you sound like Sissy.” A funny way of conveying the idea that Sissy was just perfect! 🙂


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