The Invasion (2007)

In a transparent effort to create a new, modernized version of Jack Finney’s classic novel “The Body Snatchers,” director Oliver Hirschbiegel has taken most of what made the story and previous adaptations so effective and replaced with vague, toothless criticisms of modern day society. Gone are the pods and the omnipresent threat of assimilation, replaced instead by endless scenes of lead Nicole Kidman running around, often with no clear purpose or direction as well as brief television clips of social chaos that tie back to the story only in the flimsiest manner. As for Kidman, she’s woefully miscast in her role: On the best of days, Kidman is a chilly, peculiar onscreen presence, which neutralizes the threat of emotionless take-over because Kidman never registers as a real person, nor does she have any chemistry with her co-stars. There’s no reason to watch this, not even a cameo from returning star Veronica Cartwright.

Rating: ★★ (out of 5)

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