Why Him? (2016)

“Why Him” is a strange experience. It’s impossible to ignore the cache that both Bryan Cranston and James Franco bring to an otherwise unremarkable mainstream comedy, and while it’s obvious that Franco is having a great time playing the foul-mouthed clown to Cranston’s straight man, he’s pretty much the only spark of life the movie has. As it is, the near two-hour running time is preposterous and director John Hamburg doesn’t have a handle on the movie’s tone, which veers wildly from scene to scene, while many of the comedic set-pieces have a habit of meandering too long. However, despite being bland and rather unremarkable, the movie is effortless to sit through and can be enjoyed passively, but without the participation of both Franco and Cranston there would be no reason to watch this.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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