Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Full disclosure: I decided to watch this movie in anticipation of the release of the newest entry, but didn’t realize that all three movies were directed by convicted pedophile Victor Salva. Frankly, it shows: Salva’s camera aggressively and incessantly lusts over a young Justin Long, up to and including discussions of the movie’s main villain enjoying sniffing Long’s dirty underwear… literally. There’s no way to watch this movie and not be totally uncomfortable – in addition, the movie itself is, well, crap. It’s poorly written, directed and acted, veering from one incomprehensible scene to another and never bothering to take a moment to care about its audience’s enjoyment. That this movie has its defenders is baffling, as it’s not just the work of a convicted pedophile, but it’s also just a bad movie. Avoid at all costs.

Sidenote: For those interested, director Victor Salva was convicted of sexually abusing a minor on the set of his 1989 film “Clownhouse.” The movie has several scenes of underage boys in various states of undress, up to and including a shocking nude scene for lead star Nathan Forest Winters, who was twelve years old at the time of filming. Salva’s latest entry included an exchange between two characters in the movie that amounts to a defense of pedophilia, which was thankfully cut from the finished product but was inexcusably allowed to be shot in the first place.

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Rating: ★ (out of 5)


  1. I appreciate that you don’t just write about movies you like. That being said, I liked this movie when I saw it back in the day. Horror is not my preferred genre, though I knowledge the masterpieces,e.g., Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween; as well as the guilty pleasures like Child’s Play. For me Jeepers Creepers is the latter. I would watch it again to see if my opinion has changed, but with the info on the director, I’m gonna skip it.

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