Beyond the Door III (AKA Amok Train) (1989)

Originally titled “Amok Train,” this in-name-only sequel is certainly peculiar and arresting, but for all the wrong reasons: The dialogue is unnatural, the acting piss-poor, the special effects laughable, and the story undeniably silly (a train possessed by the devil? I mean…). However there’s a certain magnetism that results from so many ineffective elements blending together, not the least of which is lead actress Mary Kohnert, whose thorough lack of screen presence and charisma is truly galling. There are some effective elements here and there, and the death scenes are, on paper at least, imaginative, but the finished product is a hodgepodge that ends up running about 20 minutes too long. European viewers may be reminded of early Mylene Farmer videos, like 1985’s “Plus Grandir” and 1987’s “Tristana,” thanks to the movie’s visual flourishes and its unsettling use of tone, color and content.

Rating: ★★ (out of 5)

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