Mylène Farmer – Timeless 2013: Le Film (2014)

The only thing better than a Mylène Farmer music video is a Mylène Farmer concert: The reclusive superstar’s tours have a long history of tremendous, genuinely jaw-dropping theatricals, and this continues to be true, as evidenced here. The crew of background dancers is smaller this time and the show’s scale here is less expansive than before, but it manages to highlight the intimacy of the lyrics and compositions, as well as the warm connection between Farmer and her devoted, ebullient fans. Director Francois Hauss has the right approach to the visual presentation, focusing equal parts on Farmer and how her fans react to each new song, and making their passion and enthusiasm part of the overall experience. Watch for a stunning rendition of “Diabolique Mon Ange” and a thunderous, bone-shaking “Oui Mais Non.”

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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