Mystery Science Theater 3000: “Zombie Nightmare” (1994)

The 1987 voodoo-zombie horror yarn being given the MST3K treatment in this classic 1994 episode is truly, appallingly terrible: Starring a chain-smoking Adam West who spends the majority of the movie sitting behind a desk, a then-unknown Tia Carrere, as well as Jon Mikl Thor (of the endlessly worse “Rock n Roll Nightmare,” itself a priceless bad-movie hoot) as the saintly protagonist-turned-zombie, there’s no shortage of material for the gang to riff on. The episode’s writing is on point, with a strong series of one-liners that keep the energy going throughout and actually manage to make “Zombie Nightmare” worth sitting through. I’m not all that familiar with the MST3K host Mike, but I found him effortlessly entertaining and a welcome screen presence.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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