Slumber Party Massacre II (1987)

Another lucid fever-dream of an entry in this downright odious but weirdly fascinating series. In some ways it’s the same formula as the first, however this time the Driller Killer is the ghost of an 1950s rock star… which brings about all sorts of surreal, serio-comic moments (including a musical number) that make the whole thing feel like it was made for an audience of no one. Just as strangely as the first, this one was written and directed by a woman (Deborah Brock, pulling double duty here), which makes the movie’s copious volumes of female flesh stand out all the more. There’s just nothing like the “Slumber Party Massacre” movies, and they’re all begging for the Rifftrax or MST3K treatment.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)


  1. “Tokyo Convertible” and then songs by Wednesday Week (the real band behind the fake girls band) are the best parts of this one! I just love this one so much lol. Are you planning to watch Sorority House Massacre 1 and 2 after you finish with this series??? It’s another good one!!

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    1. I wasn’t but now I am! Thanks for the great suggestion, I actually have an old VHS copy of Sorority 1 and I’ve never watched it! (Oh the glory days of working in video stores lol). This series here is something else, how’s the third one?

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      1. It… has its moments. There is this Elvira lookin’ vamp girl with bologna boobs. And then it has one of my all time favorite quotes from the series “….a body bag in the closet!!!”

        My dad owned a video store growing up so I was blessed to grow up with these movies!! The best part about Sorority House ones… in part 2… they are describing the story of Sorority House 1 but showing clips from SLUMBER Party 1… quite the hilarious goof! haha

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