Madonna: The Confessions Tour (2007)

For many longtime fans, “The Confessions Tour” marked a resurgence for the Queen of Pop: Eschewing much of the humorlessness of her few previous albums, both the tour and the album it was supporting (2005’s “Confessions on a Dance Floor”) were an about-face for the superstar. With most tracks from the newer album featured alongside beloved classics like “Like a Virgin,” “Lucky Star” and “Live to Tell,” this is a massive enterprise of a tour, with a veritable small army of dancers doing incredible work (including a jaw-dropping parkour performance of “Jump”), inspired song choices with new arrangements, not to mention a dependably upscale visual look through the costumes and the video accompaniments that perpetually play on the screen. But really, ultimately this is all about Madonna, and she’s in peak form here both physically and vocally: Not a note is missed, not a step is out of sync, and in addition, she seems to be having a great time here. This is likely going to be remembered as her best-ever tour, beating out even 1990’s legendary “Blond Ambition Tour.”

Rating: ★★★★★ (out of 5)

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