The Golden Girls (Season 5) (1989)

Out of the entire run of this legendary, beloved classic series, Season 5 is probably the weakest of them all. Mind you it’s still great: The ensemble acting is, of course, irreproachable, blessed with four leading actresses who clearly understood and cherished their characters, while many of the stand-alone jokes rank as some of the best broadcast television writing I’ve ever heard. However, many of the episodes here steer into awkward, preachy territory (like the “Sick & Tired” two-parter, or the strange anti-Communist episode, “Sisters and Other Strangers”) that routinely distract from the otherwise strong elements. But as I’ve mentioned in a previous “Golden Girls” review, even a weak “Golden Girls” episode is filled with classic one-liners and extraordinary sitcom acting.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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