Justice League (2017)

It’s astounding to consider that a movie that cost as much as “Justice League” could end up looking so ugly. With a drained color palette, an overabundance of exposition, and few likable characters around, the movie is a drag to sit through: Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill are dour and boring as Batman and Superman, respectively, with each bringing the momentum to a screeching halt whenever on screen. That leaves the rest of the characters with little to do beyond an occasional blip of CGI-assisted action, neutering Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman along the way and wasting Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, while Ezra Miller seems to be acting in a different movie altogether (Ray Fisher’s Cyborg barely registers as either a character or a superhero). The climax is a confusing blur of cheap-looking CGI that elicits groans before the end credits finally roll, with the movie having wasted every bit of its audience’s good will on the way there. Perhaps it’s time for Zack Snyder to step aside and for Warner to figure out what tone their DC Universe entries should have before they commission the next one.

Rating: ★★ (out of 5)

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