Paranormal Witness (Season 3) (2013)

Filled to the brim with terrifying, compelling episodes, the third season of SyFy’s remarkably effective re-enactment series is one of its strongest. With episodes like “The Wolf Pack” and “Dining with the Dead,” the show furthers its ability to construct powerful narratives out of relatively simple set pieces like a family moving into a new home, or a couple running a restaurant, and the scares are just as solid and chilling as always. There are a few episodes here and there like “The Manson Curse” and “The Hospital Hauntings” that break the flow of the episodes by casting a wider net instead of concentrating the scares on specific characters, but it’s not enough to mar the effectiveness of the overall season. Fans of ghost stories and haunted houses should surely check out this underrated gem, as it delivers the scares even to seasoned horror fans like myself.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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