Dragonette – Royal Blues (2016)

Leading off with the one-two punch of “Let the Night Fall” and “Body 2 Body,” the fourth album by the Canadian indie pop group hits the ground running, and manages to keep up the momentum across its thirteen tracks. On their first two albums the group had a tendency to let the energy get away from them, but that flaw has been smoothed over on this record and it feels like the album Dragonette’s fans have been waiting for. Later tracks like “Save My Neck” and “Lost Teenagers” show that how strong Dragonette’s hooks are and how they group has managed to grow along with the morphing sounds of indie pop over the years while never losing its distinct sonic identity. Vocalist Martina Sorbara still manages to deliver on each song, radiating a rock star charisma that’s thrillingly subverted by her girlish voice and her rhythmic dexterity.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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