Ghosted (Season 1) (2017)

Full disclosure: I only watched the first five episodes of this sitcom before I gave up on it. I was intrigued both by the concept (think “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” meets “Ghostbusters”) as well as the participation of co-leads Adam Scott and Craig Robinson, who are both funny and likable. Yet, somehow, the show just never takes off: The concept is heavy-handed and often feels shoe-horned, while neither lead characters are particularly likable or interesting. It doesn’t help that Scott and Robinson have little on-screen chemistry, either with each other or the rest of the cast. Ultimately this seems like one of those shows that sounds like a surefire winner but never manages to gel together cohesively. It’s not a terrible show, it’s just bland and forgettable.

Rating: ★★ (out of 5)

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