Tremors (1990)

A monster movie unlike any others, Ron Underwood’s “Tremors” is a blast from beginning to end. Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward make a great duo to follow along on what is glorious, pure B-movie cheese: Oversized, underground, carnivorous worms preying on a small town with a population of about a dozen people. Underwood manages to strike a delicate balance between the more comical aspects of the story and the occasionally grisly fates of its characters, keeping the focus on the characters (in particular its two likable leads) and their banter over any nascent desire to shock or horrify his audience. It makes for a rollicking good time and a perfect Friday night movie, and the only thing more surprising about the movie’s structural success is that it doesn’t seem to have a wider audience to appreciate its strengths.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)


  1. Tremors is such a fantastic popcorn movie. One of my favourites to pull out when I’m in the mood for cheesy monster movies. The sequels get progressively sillier, but the second one is still pretty good.

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    1. Right??? Sooo much fun! My buddy and I watched the first two last weekend (hence the review) but, I remember enjoying the second one but I don’t remember much about it haha I plan on rewatching so I can review and move on to the others.

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      1. I just like the heat seeking chicken things the worms turn into. It is so stupid and yet it kind of works. The third movie gives another stage in the creature’s life and it starts going from stupid but okay to just stupid, but that is usually how sequels go.


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