Mylene Farmer – Monkey Me (2012)

Among Mylene Farmer’s contemporary albums, “Monkey Me” is somewhere between “Point de Suture” and “Bleu Noir” in terms of its effectiveness: Like “Point,” it has a number of instantly enjoyable dance tracks but has an overabundance of mid-tempo tracks that come perilously close to dispensable. Like “Bleu Noir” however, the lyrics on the lesser songs are so strong and memorable that they make up for some of the disappointing sonic straightforwardness. Radio-ready singles like “A L’ombre” and the title track display Farmer’s knack for a catchy hook, but it’s the quieter moments like “Je Te Dis Tout” and “Ici-Bas” that stand out thanks to their downright gorgeous, poetic lyrics. As a pop album it’s a solid if unremarkable project, but as a Farmer album it feels a little deficient, but there’s more to enjoy than not.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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