Only You (1994)

Ostensibly a remake of 1953’s “Roman Holiday,” this romantic comedy by Norman Jewison is the polar opposite of his previous romantic effort, “Moonstruck.” Where “Moonstruck” was warm and familiar, “Only You” is befuddling and preposterous at every turn. The plot is somehow both overstuffed and underwhelming, causing the movie to have several whiplash-inducing shifts in tone. Marisa Tomei’s performance is essentially just a series of gasps and girlish coos, and her character is rather annoying instead of charming. Robert Downey Jr. brings a spark of life to the movie, but until then it’s a drag to sit through. Bonnie Hunt makes the most out of her screentime and is the movie’s comedic backbone.

Rating: ★★ (out of 5)

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