Tremors 3: Back to Perfection (2001)

The third entry in the hitherto dependable series is the movie equivalent of air being slowly let out of a balloon. With a tired screenplay that attempts (and fails) to replicate the easygoing fun of the first two movies, uninteresting characters poorly played by bored-looking actors, and some of the cheapest, most perfunctory special effects money can buy, “Tremors 3” is a subpar facsimile of the first movie. It wants to be as fun as what came before but doesn’t seem to understand exactly how it got that way, so instead it just copies the formula with a tenth of the budget and talent, and hopes for the best. The audience is then left with a groan-inducing fart of a movie that tries to pass Michael Gross off as a charismatic leading man despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Rating: ★★ (out of 5)


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