Rifftrax: “The Last Shark” (2016)

For this Rifftrax, the gang roasts the notorious 1981 “Jaws” rip-off that was pulled from theaters due to a copyright lawsuit from Universal Pictures. It’s the perfect kind of movie to get the Rifftrax treatment, as it’s so blatant a copy of Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece that it provides the gang with enough material to keep the audience invested. Movies like “The Last Shark” (which is also known as “The Great White” and “The Last Jaws,” among others) can sometimes be hard to sit through because they’re rarely as good as their poster art promise, but the Rifftrax treatment here is a perfect companion and redefines the experience of watching these types of movies. It’s one of the gang’s best releases that I’ve seen, and fans of cheesy B-monster movies and disaster movies will surely enjoy this.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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