That ’70s Show (Season 2) (1999)

Just as funny and entertaining as the first, this second season of the nostalgia-tinged sitcom flows effectively from one episode to the next. That isn’t meant to suggest that the show doesn’t grow, as many of its characters experience many revealing moments throughout the season, while the show runners keep a strong grasp on the elements that make everything work: Namely, the jokes are solid, the tone is lodged comfortably somewhere between edgy and squeaky-clean, and the sets are familiar and have an effective lived-in visual appeal. However, none of that would matter were it not for the strong ensemble cast, which shares remarkable chemistry no matter the pairing of characters and keeps things lively and energetic. There are a number of standout episodes like “Red’s Last Day” and “Sleepover” that are relatable without being pandering, and highlight how the show manages to occasionally tackle difficult issues clearly without sacrificing laughs for pathos.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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