The Craft (Music from the Motion Picture) (1996)

After watching the entertaining teen witch thriller from 1996 a few weeks back for the first time since high school, I was in the market for a trip down nostalgia lane with this soundtrack… and frankly, I should have left it alone. Hearing this album over twenty years after its release, the only remarkable thing about it is how mediocre the majority of the tracks and performers are. Now, mind you, there are some memorable songs here and there, like Love Spit Love’s “How Soon is Now” and Matthew Sweet’s “Dark Secret.” But only a few days after listening to it I couldn’t remember many of its songs other than the aforementioned and a so-so cover of Marianne Faithfull’s “Witches Song” by Juliana Hatfield. It’s a negligible collection of tame rock songs that sound good in snippets but are rather forgettable in their entirety.

Rating: ★★ (out of 5)

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