Arrested Development (Season 1) (2003)

Few shows qualify as a beloved cult classic more than “Arrested Development.” The Ron Howard-narrated sitcom is unlike anything that came before or since: All the characters are extraordinarily well-defined, not to mention perfectly cast and performed by a hyper-talented cast, while the writing is so multifaceted and packed that repeated viewings reveal new layers to a significant number of jokes. Among the many stand-out performers, Jason Bateman’s deadpan delivery anchors the show’s more over-the-top elements in a grounded reality while simultaneously highlighting the hilarious absurdities at the heart of nearly every interaction, and Liza Minnelli does outstanding recurring guest work throughout the season. It’s one of those shows that’s just as hilarious and biting as it’s reputation suggests, and still stands up after many viewings.

Rating: ★★★★★ (out of 5)


    1. Haha good ol’ Funke. I remember knowing the show existed but not caring, and about 10 years ago I was channel surfing and stumbled onto the scene where George Sr puts his hand over Tobias’s mouth while lecturing him then says “Stop licking my hand” and I didn’t stop laughing for a solid 5ish minutes, then got in my car and went to rent the DVDs. Boom! Sold haha


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