Rifftrax: “Day of the Animals” (2017)

My favorite Rifftrax commentaries are usually the ones for this type of cheap B-horror, like “The Last Shark” and “Rock ‘n Roll Nightmare,” and that’s why I was surprised to find this one a bit on the boring side. The movie itself, released in 1977 and starring a pre-stardom Leslie Nielsen, is a dull exercise in tedium that goes on forever (or at least ninety-seven minutes, but it feels about twice as long). The Rifftrax gang has fun with the movie for the first half and have a number of laugh-out-loud jokes, but as with the featured movie the energy starts to lag in the second half and the caliber of the jokes begins to tumble. There are worse Rifftrax commentaries out there, but there are certainly better ones.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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