The Little Vampire (Season 1) (1986)

This near-obscure, low-budget Canadian-German production certainly is primarily notable for its catchy theme song and its source material. Adapted from the first few entries in Angela Sommer-Bodenburg’s charming series of children’s books, it features the budding friendship between a century-and-a-half old child vampire and a human boy. There are a number of technical problems along the way, including embarassing special effects and rudimentary practical effects, while the show has no idea what to make of some of its own characters (in particular vampire hunter Gurrmeyer). But the main issues that kill any momentum are its unlikable lead character Anton (played by Christopher Stanton in an unsympathetic performance), and a lack of chemistry between Stanton and co-star Joel Dacks in the titular role, which negates the purpose of the story. All in all it’s a nostalgia curiosity best left as a distant memory.

Rating: ★★ (out of 5)

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