Point Horror: “Prom Dress,” by Lael Littke (1989)

One of the more sinister of the Point Horror entries so far, Lael Littke’s “Prom Dress” is an impressive, thematically potent morality tale. Separating the narrative across three main characters who each fall under the spell of a cursed prom dress (it’s not as silly as it sounds), Littke makes a strong argument for the virtues of talent, intelligence and integrity above status and other superficial pursuits. While her prose is occasionally lacking in nuance, there’s nevertheless an underlying cleverness to the writing, which manages to establish an unsettling creepiness from the first few chapters while keeping the plot unpredictable. It’s a little more serious than the other Point Horror entries, but its severity is refreshingly uncompromising.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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