Faerie Tale Theatre: “Thumbelina” (1984)

So far, the majority of the “Faerie Tale Theatre” episodes have fallen somewhere on either side of good or bad – there’s the good (like “Sleeping Beauty” and bad (like “The Nightingale”). But “Thumbelina” is a strange one, it’s somewhere in the middle: Carrie Fisher is barely ambulant in the lead role and William Katt seems lost playing opposite her, but at least the underrated Conchata Ferrell manages to make every line count. In addition, the set dressing, makeup and costuming are first-rate, and on occasion, the frog makeup is effectively grotesque. But the narrative never manages to recover from Fisher’s zombie-like performance, and there are long stretches of dead air. The aforementioned technical details rescue the episode from doldrums, but it’s not the show’s finest hour.

Rating: ★★ (out of 5) ”

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