Veep (Season 5) (2016)

The best season of HBO’s brilliant political satire so far, Season 5 finds Selina as President, able to indulge all her worst instincts to her staff’s displeasure and the audience’s delight. The show’s brash insult-laden writing finds its viciousness rewarded here, as the writers are able to extract a number of comedic, potent material from the situations that present themselves to the President and her staff, and it’s riveting to watch. Julia Louis-Dreyfus does some career-best work in this season, managing to be casually, monstrously abusive to her staff without ever becoming a villain, thanks to the show’s apt use of the cruelty of time, fate and happenstance and the looming threat of karma.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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