The Meg (2018)

It feels strange to even mention that this big, loud shark movie is an adaptation of a novel, but sure enough, Peter Benchley’s pulpy 1997 page-turner is the inspiration for this gloriously dumb movie: At no point throughout the movie’s running time does the viewer need to use their brain, because it’s a perfect summer movie that requires little from its audience beyond having fun. Jason Statham is perfectly cast here, smarter and tougher than anyone else (which is true of his character in the novel as well), able to perform studts that defy human endurance much to the delight of his enthralled audience. The shark itself barely registers any menace because of its very existence in the movie is so preposterous, and that preposterousness is what drives the movie’s fun factor forward. Add in a winning, charming supporting cast and what you have is one of the most entertaining movies of the year, not entirely dissimilar to 1999’s ridiculously entertaining “Deep Blue Sea.”

Rating: ā˜…ā˜…ā˜… (out of 5)

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