Arrested Development (Season 5) (2018)

After an underwhelming fourth season that managed to erode a lot of this sitcom’s good will, Netflix returns with a fifth season that seems cheaply made up of leftovers from Season 4. All the problems that plagued the fourth season are here: The plot is far too complicated, the actors barely share any scenes together, the jokes are lame and forced, and nobody seems to want to be a part of this. This time around only Portia De Rossi seems to be trying to rise above the lukewarm writing, while everyone else seems to be want to be anywhere but there. Although it refuses to answer any of the questions it posed in the last season and leaves a number of plot threads hanging, this season really highlights just how creatively bankrupt the Netflix revival has been, and why Netflix should just leave the show alone now. They’ve done enough damage.

Rating: ★★ (out of 5)

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