Veep (Season 6) (2017)

Viewers expecting Selina Meyer to learn anything even resembling humility after the events of the last season will be disappointed to know that not much has changed, and that’s in the show’s best interest. Mind you, Meyer doesn’t always feel quite like the same character Julia Louis-Dreyfus has been playing in this season, but then again there’s a tonal shift that takes the action out of Washington and as a result much of the season feels a bit uneven sometimes, like the show is trying to find its footing again. After a few clunky moments here and there in the first few episodes it hits its groove again by the mid-way point, and while it doesn’t join the ranks as one of the show’s best seasons, it’s nevertheless a satisfying continuation of the show’s overarching themes even as its focus shifts.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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