Tag (2018)

Despite a terrific comedic cast, there’s just nothing to “Tag.” There’s barely a storyline, nary a plot, and little characterization, meaning that every major talent cast here is basically just coasting on their built-in personas to increasingly diminishing returns. The movie’s amusing for about as long as it takes to watch the trailer, while the rest just limps along from barely-realized scene to barely-realized scene, never bothering to establish a tone or developing a narrative to justify its razor-thin storyline. Ed Helms seems to be trying his best here but the movie keeps working against him through its meaningless diversions and distractions, while Isla Fisher channels Winona Ryder’s caustic comedic energy to middling results. Everyone else just seems smug and disinterested, and the whole thing is basically a ten-minute concept painfully stretched to a 100-minute running time.

Rating: ★★ (out of 5)

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