Bojack Horseman (Season 5) (2018)

It’s another emotionally brutal season for Netflix’s animated sitcom about the perils and pressures of Hollywood. The show has been extraordinarily layered in its exploration of the entertainment industry and has managed to balance dark material thanks to a litany of genuinely hilarious jokes and interesting subplots, but here the cracks are starting to show. The supporting characters have stagnated and the show’s structure is becoming predictable and repetitive in its apparent effort to never let any positivity or hope come through, and it’s starting to be punishing and tiresome. On the plus side, the voice work is just as strong as ever before, in particular Will Arnett in the titular role, who continues to imbue the character with equal parts tragedy and buffoonery, and series newcomer Stephanie Beatriz, who acclimatizes herself very well. A change in the show’s emotional DNA may be necessary if Bojack’s story will continue for more seasons, and while it may be the weakest season so far, it’s still pretty good.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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