Bob’s Burgers (Season 2) (2012)

In terms of content, structure and rhythm, there aren’t many differences between this second season of Fox’s unique animated sitcom and its first one. That’s meant as a positive: It’s incredible that the show is able to maintain what was so extraordinarily well-established in the first season, like the movie’s internal world and the dynamics among the many characters, and not so much build on it but instead focus on reinforcing those elements that work so well. There are excellent episodes like “Bob Day Afternoon” and “Bad Tina” that highlight how cohesively the show works as a whole, and other episodes like “Burgerboss” and “The Belchies” that playfully send up their own absurdities. Although it’s only nine episodes, it’s genuinely hilarious from beginning to end.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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