Army of Darkness (1992)

Turning “Evil Dead” into a long-running, crowd-pleasing horror series seems unlikely, but that’s what director Sam Raimi has managed to accomplish. This second sequel is equal parts big-studio picture and giddy, gonzo bloodbath courtesy of Raimi, who clearly relishes the opportunity to paint the walls red with a significant budget, and stuffs the movie full of winning one-liners, hilarious comedic interludes and so much blood and guts that it’s impossible to resist. Bruce Campbell again makes for perfect horror hero: He’s chiseled like a Disney prince, has attitude for days, and does all of it with tongue planted firmly in cheek, like a horror-land Indiana Jones. This one is always enjoyable, but it’s even better with a boisterous group of good friends.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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