Halloween (2018)

Asking any series fan to overlook nearly forty years’ worth of sequels and remakes is a tall order for any entry, let alone a universe as fragmented and ludicrously inconsistent as the “Halloween” series. In this umpteenth alternate timeline for the series, the filmmakers have opted for a complete do-over, ignoring everything after the first movie in favor of a more tonally similar direct sequel to the 1978 original, and the resulting movie hovers close to ho-hum at best. There are a number of jarring shifts – from humorless to comedic and back again – with little effort to match the two disparate approaches, and the movie sometimes feels as though it were directed by two separate directors with different, competing visions. Myers himself is no more or less interesting than an oft-rebooted boogeyman can be, and while Jamie Lee Curtis offers a new version of Laurie Strode with dedication and gusto, the screenplay doesn’t give the viewer much reason to root for her other than the fact that she’s played by the always-welcome Curtis. By the time the end credits roll, it’s hard not to wonder why this movie needed to be made in the first place from a creative standpoint – speaking of credits however, the opening credits sequence is a downright stroke of genius.

Rating: ★★ (out of 5)

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