Haunted (Season 1) (2018)

This six-episode Netflix series will please fans of other paranormal true-life shows like “Paranormal Witness” and “A Haunting.” The show’s producers play around with the genre’s formula by minimizing the re-enactments and focusing largely on the talking-head segments of the survivors themselves, who are surrounded by their friends and family and participate in an active conversation instead of addressing the camera directly. The finished result is curious but effective, heightening the veracity of the storytellers’ accounts through their rapport with people they’re familiar with, but robbing the audience of the intimacy that can often result from a talking-head segment addressed to the audience. Luckily the re-enactments, albeit brief, are very well-directed, in particular “The Woman in White” and “Alien Infection,” and give horror audiences a solid reason to engage with the show.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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