Alfie (2004)

With a movie like “Alfie,” it’s just about impossible to view it for the first time during the #MeToo era and not be struck by its retrograde attitude towards women. Mind you, the fact that Jude Law’s titular character is an incorrigible ladies’ man and must learn hard lessons about his ways is woven into the narrative, but there’s something genuinely off-putting about him. After just the first few scenes he’s already gleefully humiliated a sexual partner and referred to his landlady in extraordinarily derogatory terms, so much so that the character’s redemption arc is entirely undeserved. The cast does the best it can – Law is believable and manages to escape mostly unscathed, while the supporting cast (in particular Susan Sarandon and Marisa Tomei) is strong but it’s all for naught because its protagonist is irredeemable.

Rating: ★★ (out of 5)

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