John Mulaney: New in Town (2012)

It’s great that the quietly charming and decisively hilarious comic has managed to significantly increase his professional profile since this first special. Here, he’s more inexperienced but still has a great deal of screen presence, and there are a number of extended bits that are laugh-out-loud funny. In particular, a rant about Delta airlines, a story about lying to the doctor and a closing anecdote about meeting a homeless gay man with AIDS (which gives the special its name) stand out among a series of strong bits, with Mulaney’s various vocal inflections pointing the way to effective voice work on his Netflix animated sitcom “Big Mouth.” It’s a repeatable, entertaining and well-written piece of stand up comedy that demonstrates Mulaney’s ease with the format and the insightful nature of his humor.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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