Grace and Frankie (Season 5) (2019)

The fifth season of Netflix’s surprisingly enduring sitcom is one of its funniest. Mind you the humor has more in common with broadcast television standards this time around (despite the few “F” bombs dropped here and there), but it works surprisingly well. In many ways it relaxes the cast some more, who have all been growing into their roles over the many seasons – only Lily Tomlin’s performance seems to have stalled long ago, but there’s not much more she could do with Frankie than she’s already doing, given how thin and one-note her character is and has always been. This is likely June Diane Raphael’s finest hour as Brianna, and the show finally seems to know how to soften her sharpness and over the course of this season she becomes the show’s underdog MVP.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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