King Cohen (2017)

Larry Cohen’s filmography as director, writer and/or producer (depending on the project) covers everything from effective, socially progressive B-horror movies like “The Stuff” and “It’s Alive, ” to a variety of television shows like “The Invaders” and “NYPD Blue” that were blessed with inventive, fertile concepts. Therefore, it’s not surprising that this documentary about his career covers a tremendous amount of ground, but it’s impressive that director Steve Mitchell manages to keep the focus on Cohen himself throughout it all, because Cohen advocates for himself and for his work better than anyone else could. Mitchell highlights Cohen’s personality via clear-eyed and candid conversations, and there are plenty of entertaining interviews with the likes of Michael Moriarty (of “The Stuff” and “Q: The Winged Serpent”) and Laurene Landon (of “Maniac Cop”), who speak eloquently on the impact of his oeuvre, not to mention several well-selected shots from Cohen’s filmography. It’s not likely to hold much interest for non-genre fans, but its intended audience will absolutely love it.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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