Will & Grace (Season 10) (2018)

This second season of NBC’s successful reboot is stronger, tighter and funnier than the previous one. The cast has relaxed a little and settled into their roles, while the writing is fresher and crisper this time around. In particular, there are a number of episodes that emerge as series-best standouts: “Where in the World is Karen Walker,” “Bad Blood” and “Kid ‘n Play” manage to push the characters out of their comfort zones, and the growth that’s seen along the way is surprisingly compelling. The season finale, “Jack’s Big Gay Wedding,” strikes a balance between touching and laugh-out-loud funny, and Matt Bomer makes a strong late-season addition to the regular cast thanks in large part to his chemistry with Eric McCormack. David Schwimmer is also an unexpectedly natural fit for the show’s rhythm, and he shares warm, lived-in chemistry with Debra Messing.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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