Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation (1992)

Although it’s not intelligent or well-done in any way, “Revenge of the Nerds 3” is far better than its predecessor despite being a made-for-television movie, and that alone makes its flaws seem less glaring. There aren’t many laughs to be had but a number of its scenes are at least amusing and halfway entertaining, which is more than one can say for part two. Robert Carradine is back as Lewis but there’s something missing this time around – luckily the new generation of “nerds” isn’t half bad, including an endearing Gregg Binkley, who is reminiscent of original star Anthony Edwards without being a pale imitation of him. So like I said, this isn’t very good at all but at least it’s sorta entertaining and has charming moments here and there, even though it’s a pretty basic low-budget TV movie.

Rating: ★★ (out of 5)

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