Beyond the Spectrum: Being Taken (2018)

There isn’t much that this low-budget documentary adds to the tradition of UFO documentaries, and those standards are rather low to begin with. The movie’s lack of imagination is immediately evident because an inordinate amount of time is spent featuring text from Wikipedia, which seems to have been the extent of the research. Ostensibly it plays like a high school media project about UFO lore and often feels like a filmed essay, with the movie pushing its perspectives with no suance or subtext, including a lengthy, vituperative rant about the Travis Walton Wikipedia entry. It’s that stridency that often mars even a casual viewing experience, and the movie’s inattention to detail grows more glaring as it goes along (including basic mistakes like getting the year of release for “Fire in the Sky” wrong twice).

Rating: ★★ (out of 5)

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